The CSE Department is very pleased to welcome participants of the Fourteenth International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2015). ISWC is the leading conference on the next generation of the World Wide Web, focusing on the integration and understanding of diverse data, especially data in graph-based formats. An estimated 450 attendees from 37 countries and 6 continents will be gathering in Bethlehem for this event on October 11-15.

Computer Science and Engineering


Computer Science and Engineering is at the core of the information age. To prepare our students for the tremendous opportunities in the field, the CSE Department is strongly committed to excellence in both education and research. We conduct ground-breaking work in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, robotics, software security, computer networking, software systems, biomedical image processing, computer vision, mobile healthcare, and the WWW. Our faculty includes six NSF CAREER award winners, one of the most prestigious awards available to young researchers in CSE.

Lehigh undergraduates benefit from the personal attention typical of a small college, yet have exposure to state-of-the-art technologies available only at a research university. To provide flexibility, we offer a variety of different undergraduate degree programs, including B.S. degrees in the College of Engineering, and a B.S. and a B.A. degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. All of our B.S. degrees are fully accredited. In addition, we offer a unique B.S. in Computer Science and Business which is accredited both in computer science and in business. Beyond their courses, students often work one-on-one with faculty, and can even become involved in their research projects. Internships provide real-world experience.

Our majors are designed to provide a strong foundation in the core areas of Computer Science and Engineering, from the hardware/software interface up through systems software, programming languages, software engineering, and the mathematical foundations of computing. Electives include topics in artificial intelligence, computer networking, parallel and distributed computing, security, robotics, bioinformatics, data mining, web and mobile application development, and information systems. As a result, our graduates are in high demand

Our vibrant graduate programs prepare students for positions in industry and academia. Our faculty have research funded by competitive sources including NSF, DARPA, NIH, and other federal and state agencies, as well as leading companies in the field.

For a list of major employers who have hired our graduates in the recent past, click here.

New CSE courses for Fall 2015:

  • CSE 198, Data Science, Prof. Brian Davison -- learn about the collection, preparation, analysis and visualization of data, covering both conceptual and practical issues.
  • CSE 397, Issues in Cybersecurity, Prof. Dan Lopresti -- this seminar course will examine issues in cybersecurity affecting consumers, businesses, and governments from technological, legal, and social perspectives.
  • CSE 398, Multi-Paradigm Software Development in Scala, Prof. Jim Femister -- learn how to code in Scala, an elegant language that combines two approaches to programming: the object-oriented paradigm and the functional paradigm which solves problems by composing functions.

Existing CSE courses with new instructors for Fall 2015:

  • CSE 343, Network Security, Prof. Yinzhi Cao -- learn about techniques and tools for detecting, responding to and recovering from security incidents and fundamentals of cryptography.
  • CSE 347, Data Mining, Prof. Ting Wang -- this course will provide an overview of modern data mining techniques.

Prospective students and their parents: if you're planning to visit Lehigh and have interests in Computer Science, Computer Science and Business, or Computer Engineering, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll make sure you have a chance to meet with a faculty member to hear the details of our programs.

Prospective employers: demand for CSE graduates is extremely strong. Our students are aggressively recruited by many of the top companies in the US. If you wish to connect with CSE students at Lehigh, please contact us. We can help disseminate your recruiting materials, and we can also arrange for a room for you to present an overview session and meet with students during a campus visit. Send email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

New students often ask whether it is possible to take one of majors if they have had no programming experience in high school. Yes! Many of our majors first started their study of CSE at Lehigh with no previous background. We provide the appropriate introductory courses for students to succeed in CSE with or without past experience.

 Grace Hopper Group 2014

Undergrads Andrea Stiffelman, Casey Caruso, Ashley Ryan, Rachel Rodden, April Xu, Kathleen Monks, Tamara Hass and Professor Mooi Choo Chuah at the 2014 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Phoenix, AZ.

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