B. A. in Computer Science - College of Arts and Science (Class of 2022 or later)

*Diagram of Courses and Prerequisites

Mission for Program

This program of 120 credit hours is intended for students who desire a strong liberal arts program with a concentration in computer science. The program contains the fundamentals of computer science, including algorithms, structured programming, data structures, programming languages, and software engineering. See the distribution requirements of the College of Arts & Science


Total required credit hours: 120

Required Computer Science courses (35 credit hours):

CSE 1 Breadth of Computing (2) or CSE 012 Survey of Computer Science (3)

CSE 2 Fundamentals of Programming (2)

CSE 17 Programming and Data Structures (3)

CSE 109 Systems Software (4)

CSE 140** Foundations of Discrete Structures and Algorithms (3)

CSE 216 Software Engineering (3)

CSE 262 Programming Languages (3)

CSE 340 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (3)

Approved CSE Electives (12)

Required Math courses (11 credit hours):

MATH 21   Calculus I (4)

MATH 22 Calculus II (4)

MATH 43 Survey of Linear Algebra (3) or MATH 205 Linear Methods or MATH 242 Linear Algebra

The student has some flexibility in choosing the sequence of courses, because many of the courses are offered every semester.  For a list of all CSE courses and when they are offered, and for a suggested sequence of courses to satisfy the major requirements, see  When courses are offered.

** CSE 140=CSE 198 (Spring 198 only) or CSE 261 (Fall 2017 or earlier)

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