Faculty and Staff
Computer Engineering Program
Photo of Mooi
Mooi Choo Chuah
(CSE Dept)
Photo of Meghanad
Meghanad Wagh
(ECE Dept)
Photo of Heidi
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Core Faculty
Photo of Mark
Liang Cheng
(CSE Dept)
Photo of Decker
Richard Decker
(ECE Dept)
Photo of John
John R. Spletzer
(CSE Dept)
Photo of Yan
Zhiyuan Yan
(ECE Dept)
Associated Faculty
Photo of Henry
Henry Baird
(CSE Dept)
Photo of Rick
Rick Blum
(ECE Dept)
Photo of Brian
Brian Davison
(CSE Dept)
Photo of Kishore
Shalinee Kishore
(ECE Dept)
Photo of Hank
Hank Korth
(CSE Dept)
Photo of Ed
Ed Kay
(CSE Dept)
Photo of Tiffany
Tiffany Jing Li
(ECE Dept)
Photo of Dan
Dan Lopresti
(CSE Dept)
Photo of Mike
Michael Spear
(CSE Dept)
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