List of 2007 Technical Reports

  • ECG Anomaly Detection via Time Series Analysis
    Authors: M. Chuah, F. Fu
    LU-CSE-07-001 (7 pages, 225.55KB)
  • Incorporating Trust into Web Search
    Authors: Lan Nie, Baoning Wu, Brian D. Davison
    LU-CSE-07-002 (21 pages, 273.11KB)
  • Network Management of a Wireless Sensor Network
    Authors: L. Frye and L. Cheng
    LU-CSE-07-003 (13 pages, 125.37KB)
  • A Graph Theoretic Approach to Optimal Target Tracking for Mobile Robot Teams
    Authors:Jason C. Derenick, John R. Spletzer and M. Ani Hsieh
    LU-CSE-07-004 (7pages, 212.70KB)
  • A Ferry-based Intrusion Detection Scheme for Sparsely Connected Ad Hoc Networks
    Authors: M. Chuah, P. Yang, J. Han
    LU-CSE-07-005 (8 pages, 249.60 KB)
  • Hawkeye: A Practical Large Scale Demonstration of Semantic Web Integration
    Authors:  Zhengxiang Pan, Abir Qasem, Sudhan Kanitkar, Fabiana Prabhakar, and Jeff Heflin
    LU-CSE-07-006(26 pages, 294.61KB)
  •  An Efficient and Complete Distributed Query Answering System for Semantic Web Data
    Authors:Abir Qasem, Dimitre Dimitrov, and Jeff Heflin
    LU-CSE-07-007 (19 pages, 247.85KB)
  • Context-Aware Multicast Routing Scheme for Disruption Tolerant Networks
    Author: P. Yang, M. Chuah
    LU-CSE-07-008(13 pages, 488.99KB)
  • An Encounter-Based Multicast Scheme for Disruption Tolerant Networks
    Authors: M. Chuah and Y. Li
    LU-CSE-07-009(8 pages, 125.13KB)
  • Web Page Classification: Features and Algorithms
    Authors: Xiaoguang Qi and Brian D. Davison
    LU-CSE-07-010(31 pages, 487.49KB)
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Ranking by Combining Multiple Source
    Authors:Yaoshuang Wang, Xiaoguang Qi, Brian D. Davison
    LU-CSE-07-011 (19 pages, 402.34 KB)
  • Performance Comparison of Two Interdomain Routing Schemes for Disruption Tolerant Networks
    Author: Mooi Choo Chuah, Peng Yang
    LU-CSE-07-012 (27 pages, 1.95MB)
  • Leveraging Search Engine Results for Query Classification
    Authors: Shruti K. Bhandari and Brian D. Davison
    LU-CSE-07-13 (13 pages, 190.48 KB)
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