List of 2008 Technical Reports

  • Secure Opportunitistic Data Retrievals in Challenged Environments
    Authors: M. Chuah, R. Metzger
  • Performance Evaluation of Information Retrieval Schemes for Multi-Attribute Queries in DTNs
    Authors: M. Chuah, J. Han
  • Opportunistic Information Distribution in Challenged Networks
    Authors: R. Metzger, M. Chuah
  • Efficient Network Coding Schemes for Unicast/Multicast Message Deliveries in Disruption Tolerant Networks
    Authors: M. Chuah, Y. Xi
  • Efficient Interdomain Multicast Delivery in Disruption Tolerant Networks
    Authors:  P. Yang, M. Chuah
  • Efficient Selection and Integration of Data Sources for Answering Semantic Web Queries
    Authors: Abir Qasem, Dimitre A. Dimitrov, and Jeff Heflin
    LU-CSE-08-006 (15 pages, 249.80KB)
  • Performance Evaluations of Data-Centric Information Retrieval Schemes for DTNs
    Authors: P. Yang, M. Chuah

  • The Sick LIDAR Matlab/C++ Toolbox:
    Software for Rapidly Interfacing/Configuring Sick LIDARs
    Authors:Jason C. Derenick, Thomas H. Miller, John R. Spletzer, Aleksandr Kushleyev, Tully Foote, Alex Stewart, Jon Bohren
    and Daniel D. Lee
    LU-CSE-08-008 (6 pages, 297.98KB)
  • Performance Comparison of Different Multicast Routing Strategies in Disruption Tolerant Networks
    Authors:  Qing Ye, Liang Cheng, Mooi Choo Chuah, and Brian D. Davison
    LU-CSE-08-009 (11 pages, 383.34 KB)
  • Goal Node Search for Semantic Web Source Selection
    Authors: Abir Qasem, Dimitre A. Dimitrov, and Jeff Heflin
    LU-CSE-08-010 (10 pages, 234.95KB)
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