List of 2009 Technical Reports

  • A Context-Aware Reflective Middleware Framework for Adaptive
    Real-time Vehicle Applications
    Authors: Shengpu Liu and Liang Cheng
    LU-CSE-09-001 (15 pages, 343.09KB)
  • OWL-PL: A Presentation Language for Displaying Semantic Data on the Web
    Authors: Matt Brophy and Jeff Heflin
    LU-CSE-09-002 (27 pages, 493KB)
  • Field Programmable One-Shot Arrays
    Authors: Mark Arnold and Jung Cho
  • Migrating to Agility 2.0: Social Computing Enables Organizational
    Growth and Innovation
    Authors: Roger Nagel, Steven Goldman and Brian Davison
    LU-CSE-09-004 (40 pages, 648.61KB)
  • Handwritten Biometric Systems and Their Robustness
    Evaluation: a Survey
    Author: Jin Chen
    LU-CSE-09-005 (13 pages, 845.60KB)
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