The students will be able to effectively:

1.  Write computer programs
2.  Apply knowledge of data structures
3.  Apply knowledge of computer architecture
4.  Apply principles of software engineering
5.  Design algorithms and apply knowledge of complexity
6.  Apply principles to design a computer language
7.  Apply principles of operating systems
8.  Apply mathematics to CS problems
9.  Perform experiments and analyze data
10. Achieve fluency in a computer language
11. Write programs in a second computer language
12  Analyze substantial problems in terms of software solutions
13. Communicate technical material
14. Recognize moral and ethical issues arising from creation of software and using the computer
15  Make sound moral and ethical choices when creating software and using the computer
16. Recognize the need for lifelong professional development
17. Work on a team
18. Understand relationship between internal control and key business processes
19. Apply computer technologies to the construction and control of business information systems.
20. Work on a team to develop software for a business environment
21. Design a database

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