Don Holloway      Don Holloway
Vice President of Strategic Accounts
"Net Neutrality - An Inside View of the Network
Realities Underneath the Policies"
Tuesday, December 2, 2:35 PM
Packard Lab, Room 466

Abstract:  With videos from late night talk show hosts going viral, and almost 4 million comments to the FCC from the public, net neutrality has emerged as a high profile public policy issue. It is a contentious issue that needs to balance competing interests of free speech, competition, capitalism, and the role of government within an environment that is limited by technical capabilities and legal concerns.

As an occasional technical advisor to the FCC, Mr. Holloway’s focus will be on providing understanding into the network technologies that are relevant to these issues. The presentation will begin a background of the policy issues, business impacts, and legal history of net neutrality. The main focus will be on providing technical insight into how internet network traffic management is designed and managed across large scale communications networks. Particular focus will be given to video and other real time technologies which impose additional demands on networks that are at the root of some of the controversy.

Bio:  A veteran of both the entertainment and telecommunications industries, Don Holloway is Vice President of Strategic Accounts for TEOCO, a leading supplier of telecommunications technology.

Don received his MBA from Lehigh in 2009. His graduated studies focused on his interest in communications networks, most notably as part of “Birds of a Feather”, a collaborative project between the Lehigh College of Business and Economics and the College of Computer Science and Engineering.

Obsessed with music and technology from an early age, Don was involved in development of the computer music labs at Columbia and Princeton Universities. He helped commercialize music technologies that included FM digital synthesis, digital recording, and in-ear monitoring. He worked with musicians such as Bonjovi, Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, and also with commercial electronics research and development at the RCA David Sarnoff Labs and AT&T’s Bell Labs.

His work in the telecommunications industry has included sales stints at Telcordia and Lucent, in addition to his current role at TEOCO. He has helped establish automation for ATM and frame relay provisioning, mobile application ecosystems, and enterprise mobile network initiatives. He has acted as a technology advisor to the FCC on multiple occasions. Don is currently focused on helping to create the next generation of network data infrastructure which will support complex identities and networks that adapt themselves to changing user needs.

Don lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with various combinations of family, friends, and animals. He is a Deacon in the Presbyterian Church, a Pythonista, and photographer.

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