Alex J. Bowers     
Dr. Alex J. Bowers

Associate Professor of Education Leadership
Teachers College, Columbia University
"Organization-Level Data Analytics: How Data Science can Inform K-12
School Leadership Evidence-Based Improvement Cycles"

Wednesday, January 27, 4:00 PM
Packard Lab room 466

Abstract:  Schools are awash in data, from grades, to test scores, discipline reports, and attendance among many others. How can teachers, school leaders, policymakers, students and parents put the data that we already collect in schools to better use? In this presentation, Alex J. Bowers will discuss the emerging domain of what he terms “Organization-Level Data Analytics”, in which data science and “big data” analytic strategies can help inform organization and leadership decision making through evidence-based improvement cycles. This presentation will focus on determining empirically similar longitudinal and cross-sectional patterns of districts, schools and students, through applying time-nested mixture modeling, latent class analysis and visual data analytics to issues of K-12 school pattern identification and improvement.

Bio:   Alex J. Bowers is an Associate Professor of Education Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University, where he works to help school leaders use the data that they already collect in schools in more effective ways to help direct the limited resources of schools and districts to specific student needs. His research focuses on the intersection of effective school and district leadership, organization and HR, data driven decision making, student grades and test scores, student persistence and dropouts. His work also considers the influence of school finance, facilities, and technology on student achievement. Dr. Bowers studies these domains through the application of Intensive Longitudinal Data analysis (ILD), data science and “Big Data” analytics, such as data visualization analytics, multilevel and growth mixture modeling, and cluster analysis heatmap data dashboards. He earned his Ph.D. in K12 Educational Administration from Michigan State University, and previous to teaching and education research, spent a decade as a cancer researcher in the biotechnology industry, with an M.S. in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology, and a B.S. in Biochemistry. Twitter: @Alex_J_Bowers Website:

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