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Heng Xu
Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
Pennsylvania State University

"Your Privacy Is Your Friend's Privacy: Examining Interdependent Privacy Issues on Online Social Networks"

Monday, November 6, 4:00 PM

Abstract:   The highly interactive nature of interpersonal communication on online social networks (OSNs) impels us to think about privacy as a communal matter, with users’ private information being revealed by not only their own voluntary disclosures, but also the activities of their social ties. The current privacy literature has identified two types of information disclosures in OSNs: self-disclosure, i.e., the disclosure of an OSN user’s private information by him/herself; and co-disclosure, i.e., the disclosure of the user’s private information by other users. Although co-disclosure has been increasingly identified as a new source of privacy threat inherent to the OSN context, few systematic attempts have been made to provide an empirical understanding on the commonalities and distinctions between self- vs. co-disclosure. To address this gap, we conducted two empirical studies (one theory-driven and the other data-driven) to measure OSN users’ concerns over co-disclosure and potential privacy harms caused by co-disclosure. This research serves as a starting point for theorizing privacy from the non-individualistic perspective and for understanding interdependent privacy issues as a result of interpersonal interaction and social influence.

Bio:  Dr. Heng Xu is Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University, and leads the Privacy Assurance Lab (PAL). Her research focuses on understanding and assuring information privacy in different contexts, including location based services, social networks, medical practices, and children and adolescent online safety. Her work has been published in premier outlets across various fields such as Business, Law, Computer Science, and Human-Computer Interaction. During 2013-2016, Dr. Xu served as a program director at the U.S. National Science Foundation, and her effort was put into bringing the social, behavioral and economic sciences to studies of major challenges in Big Data, Cybersecurity & Privacy, and Smart Cities.


Eric P. S. Baumer is assistant professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Lehigh University. His research examines interactions with algorithms in social computing systems. Recent work includes using computational tools to identify the language of political framing, and studying technology refusal in the context of Facebook. He holds an MS and PhD in Information and Computer Sciences from the University of California, Irvine, completed post-doctoral work at Cornell University, and holds a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Music from the University of Central Florida.

Haiyan Jia is an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Communication and the Data X Initiative. Her research explores how communication technology influences individuals and the society. Her work combines theories from information science, computer-mediated communication, social cognition, and developmental psychology to theorize and empirically examine people's privacy management strategies and behaviors on social media.

Daniel Lopresti is Professor and Chair of Lehigh's Department of Computer Science and Engineering, as well as Director of the university's Data X Initiative. He conducts research examining fundamental algorithmic and systems-related questions in pattern recognition, document analysis, and computer security, and has been frequently quoted as an expert on electronic voting security. He has held leadership roles in most of the major international conferences on document analysis over the past 10 years and is co-editor-in-chief of the International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition. He chairs the Conferences & Meetings Committee of the International Association of Pattern Recognition. He also serves on the Computing Community Consortium Council of the Computing Research Association (CRA), whose mission is to catalyze the computing research community and enable the pursuit of innovative, high-impact research. He received his bachelor's degree in math from Dartmouth, and his Ph.D. in computer science from Princeton.

Rebecca Wang is an assistant professor of Marketing and the Data X Initiative at Lehigh University. Her research focuses on customer engagement in the contexts of digital channels. By collaborating with industry partners and analyzing large datasets, she uses causal inference and statistical methods to answer questions related to direct marketing with new and mobile media. Prior to her academic career, she worked in industry as a consultant and a data engineer for six years. She holds an A.B. in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College, and a Ph.D. in Marketing from Northwestern University.

Gaia Bernstein is the Michael J. Zimmer Professor of Law, Director of the Institute of Privacy Protection and Co-Director of the Gibbons Institute for Law, Science and Technology at Seton Hall University School of Law. Professor Bernstein specializes in law and technology, information privacy, health privacy, intellectual property, law and genetics and reproductive technologies. Her scholarship examines the role of users in the adoption of new technologies. She is currently working on a book titled "The Over-Users: Technology Addiction and the Power of Awareness".

Najarian (Jari) Peters is an attorney and privacy compliance professional with over ten years of experience in academic, healthcare, and private organizations. Prior to joining Seton Hall faculty, she was the Senior Healthcare Compliance Manager for the Health and Wellness Business Unit of Panasonic North America. She has also served as Chief Compliance/Privacy Officer and Risk Manager Counsel for National Healthcare Associates and as Senior Compliance, Ethics Liaison, and HIPAA Privacy Officer for the Rutgers Office of Ethics Compliance and Corporate Integrity. After graduating law school, Ms. Peters joined Weill Cornell Medical School's Office of Research Compliance and Sponsored Programs. She earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Xavier University of Louisiana and her Juris Doctorate from Notre Dame Law School. Her research interests include voter privacy, algorithmic bias and accountability, and local broadband movements.

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