CSE 450 Special Topics in Bioinformatics (Spring)


Daniel Lopresti

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Webpage: http://www.cse.lehigh.edu/~lopresti/

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course Description

Bioinformatics is the development of new computational techniques to assist in the analysis of the vast quantities of biological data arising from such efforts as the Human Genome Project and DNA microarray experiments. In this special topics course, we will focus on a small number of specific problem areas to be decided at the start of the semester. These may include genomics, microarray analysis, phylogenetics, and structural bioinformatics. We will conduct an intensive study, reading technical papers from the literature and examining existing algorithms. Mandatory group meetings will be held once a week. A final paper and/or project is required. Opportunities may arise to work with biologists on real problems of interest.


A previous course on bioinformatics algorithms (e.g., CSE 397-497 or the equivalent).

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