Dr. Joann J. Ordille
Senior Research Scientist
Avaya Labs

"Emergency and Urgent Response Services: from Innovation to Impact"

Thursday, April 28, 4:00 PM
Packard Lab room 416

Abstract:   In certain areas of computer science research, we have the opportunity to invent new solutions that have positive impacts on people’s lives. In this talk, I discuss two research projects at Avaya Labs with that kind of impact. The Data Over the Top Project leverages talk and surf cell phones to add a data channel on top of a cellular audio call. Among other uses, Data Over the Top enables 911 services to obtain accurate GPS coordinates and save lives. The earlier XUI Project explored communication patterns for responding well to urgent needs. In addition to identifying important communication patterns, the project created the first notification and response system that leveraged different communication media. Having deployed the XUI System to expedite urgent repair issues for Avaya’s customers, we learned how critical this type of communication was to the people we served. Our experiences with the XUI user community led to additional research innovations, e.g. techniques for forming and managing adhoc teams to respond to urgent issues. Avaya has used XUI for more than ten years, and I present results from the first three of those years.

Bio:  Dr. Joann J. Ordille is keenly interested in changing the world for the better through technological innovation. Her recent work focuses on creating new technologies for customer service including voice, video and collaboration, and also on improving services through analytics. Previously, she improved Avaya’s own customer service by creating an urgent notification and response system that formed instant teams to address customer issues.

Dr. Ordille was an early innovator in the area of Big Data, making it easier to search, integrate and use information available on the Internet. For this work, she received the “10 Year Best Paper Award” at the Very Large Data Bases (VLDB) Conference. She also invented meta-directories, and then led efforts to create Avaya’s meta-directory product.

Dr. Ordille joined Avaya Labs at its birth in 2000 in a spin-off from Bell Labs and previously joined Bell Labs after completing her Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Among other degrees, she also holds a M. A. in the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

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