Web Mining Seminar

Description (Fall 2005)
Instructor:Brian D. Davison, Ph.D.
Introduction: The accessibility and ubiquity of content on the WWW has changed how we perceive information. In this seminar, we will consider how to extract and discover information within the Web and from how we use the Web. Expected topics will include web search, web usage mining, text mining, information extraction, link analysis, and more.

This course will focus on reading and presenting papers related to mining the world-wide web, and will include a semester-long project. Paper and presentation critiques will be required, and course participation will be evaluated.

Objectives: To become proficient at reading technical papers; to gain knowledge of important current web mining research; to gain experience presenting technical material; to learn to write critical reviews of research papers; to explore a research project in some depth and write a technical paper summarizing that work.
Prerequisites: CSE345/445 WWW Search Engines or CSE430 Textual Data Mining. Those who have taken a data mining course (such as CSE347) may register with permission of the instructor.
Examinations: None
Textbook(s): None. We will instead read and discuss significant and recent papers.
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