CSE 342: Fundamentals of Internetworking (Fall 2009)

Instructor:Prof. Brian D. Davison
Grader: Karol Zieba
Introduction: Interconnected computer networks provide the infrastructure for applications such as electronic mail and the Web for today's wired world. As such, the understanding of networking technologies and experience of how they can be put to use will be a necessity for many Lehigh computer science end engineering graduates. This course is intended for upper-level undergraduate students and will provide the fundamentals of computer networking with emphasis on Internet-implemented technologies along with significant hands-on programming experience with various protocols in directed laboratory exercises and homework assignments.
Objectives: To provide a practical understanding of computer networks that comprise the Internet, with respect to system architectures, protocols, and client-server interaction. These objectives are accomplished through course lectures and extensive laboratory exercises.
Prerequisites: CSE 109. Students who have previously taken a computer networks course should not sign up for this one (perhaps CSE404 instead). Students would also benefit from taking CSE271 or CSE303 prior to this course.
Expected Work: Homework, lab exercises and programming projects
Examinations: Midterms and final exam
Course catalog description: Study of architecture and protocols of computer networks. Protocol layers; network topology; data-communication principles, including circuit switching, packet switching and error control techniques; sliding window protocols, protocol analysis and verification; routing and flow control; local and wide area networks; network interconnection; client-server interaction; emerging networking trends and technologies; topics in security and privacy.
Textbooks: Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 5th Ed., Kurose and Ross, Addison Wesley (2010).
TCP/IP Sockets in C: Practical Guide for Programmers, 2nd Ed., Donahoo and Calvert, Morgan Kaufmann (2009).
C: A Reference Manual, 5th Ed., Harbison and Steele, Prentice Hall (2002).
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