CSE 411: Advanced Programming Techniques (Fall 2012)

InstructorProf. Brian D. Davison
davison (at) cse.lehigh.edu
Time/Location Mon/Wed/Fri 11:10-noon in Packard 258 or 122 (Fris)
Catalog Description Deeper study of programming techniques, data structures, backtracking, recursion. Applications of basic theoretical disciplines such as automata theory and formal language theory. Assignments using a contemporary programming language. Prerequisite: CSE 17 or CSE 18 or consent of department head. Credit will not be given for both CSE 109 and CSE 411.
Prerequisites Graduate standing, programming compentence in more than one language
Required Text Code Complete, 2nd Ed., Steve McConnell (2004, Microsoft Press)
Course Materials Will be posted to the course via CourseSite.

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