CSE 265: System and Network Administration (Spring 2012)

Instructor:Prof. Brian D. Davison
Time/Location: Mon/Wed 9:10-10:00am in Packard 258, and
Fri, 9:10-11:00am Packard 112
Introduction: The maintenance and deployment of computer systems in production environments requires significant effort. This course distills decades of experience into operational principles that apply across technologies. This course is intended for undergraduate students and will provide the fundamentals of system administration under Linux, with emphasis on principles that apply to all environments.
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a system administrator
  • Configure the Linux operating system
  • Describe the system boot process
  • Setup and manage user accounts and groups
  • Manage the resources and security of a computer running Linux
  • Make effective use of Unix utilities, and scripting languages
  • Configure and manage simple network services on a Linux system
  • Develop an appreciation of the documentation available as part of an installed Unix/Linux system
  • Prerequisites: CSE 17 or equivalent, and familiarity with UNIX/Linux.
    Expected Work: Homework and small projects.
    Examinations: Pop quizes, two hourly exams, and a comprehensive final exam.
    Textbooks: Required: UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook, 4th Ed., by Nemeth, Snyder, Hein and Whaley (Prentice Hall, 2010) and The Practice of System and Network Administration, 2nd Ed., by Limoncelli, Hogan, and Chalup (Addison Wesley, 2007).
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