CSE 271: Programming in C and the UNIX Environment
Schedule of Topics (Spring 2013)

Mon Jan 14 Introduction Prata Ch 1
Hahn Ch 1-2
Wed Jan 16 Lab in PL122: Using X-Window and Editing Files Hahn Ch 3-6,22
Fri Jan 18 Short Quiz 1
Compiling / Intro to using UNIX
Prata Ch 2
Ch 1 of Advanced Linux Programming
Hahn Ch 8-10,21
Mon Jan 21 Shell and C Basics; Start mycat.c Prata Ch 4-7
Wed Jan 23 Lab in PL122: Using UNIX; Finish mycat.c Hahn Ch 24-25
Fri Jan 25 Short Quiz 2
C arrays, unix processes, redirection
Molay Ch 1, Hahn Ch 15-18,26
Mon Jan 28 C Functions and Structures (dice.c) Prata Ch 9, 14
Wed Jan 30 Lab in PL122: Using UNIX, part 2 Prata Ch 8
Fri Feb 1 Short Quiz 3
Strings and Pointers
Prata Ch 10-11
Mon Feb 4 More on Pointers
Memory Allocation
Prata Ch 12
Ch 3 of Linux Programming by Example: The Fundamentals
Wed Feb 6 Lab in PL122: Finish pointers  
Fri Feb 8 NO CLASS - Prof. Davison traveling  
Mon Feb 11 Miscellaneous C topics
Prata Ch 16
Wed Feb 13 Lab in PL122: Debugging  
Fri Feb 15 Hourly Exam 1 
Mon Feb 18 Large Program Development/Coding Style
Debugging Dynamic Memory Management
Section 2.2 of Advanced Linux Programming
Appendix A of Advanced Linux Programming
Wed Feb 20 Lab in PL122: Debugging and Profiling Tools  
Fri Feb 22 Short Quiz 4
Introduction to Shell Scripting
Hahn Ch 11-14
Add'l references: Sams Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours or The GNU Bash Reference Manual
Mon Feb 25 Scripting and Regular Expressions Hahn Ch 19,20
Wed Feb 27 Lab in PL122: Shell Scripting Exercises  
Fri Mar 1 Short Quiz 5
Finish Shell Scripting
UNIX Programming: who
Mon Mar 4 UNIX Programming: who.c Molay Ch 2
Wed Mar 6 Lab in PL122: IDEs  
Fri Mar 8 Short Quiz 6
UNIX Programming: who, cp
Molay Ch 3
Mon Mar 11NO CLASS - Spring Break 
Wed Mar 13NO CLASS - Spring Break 
Fri Mar 15NO CLASS - Spring Break 
Mon Mar 18 UNIX File System Molay Ch 4, Hahn 23
Wed Mar 20 Lab in PL122: More UNIX Programming Prata Ch 15
Fri Mar 22 Short Quiz 7
Finish filesystems
Mon Mar 25 Finish filesystems; Review for exam #2
Wed Mar 27 Lab in PL122: Perl  
Fri Mar 29 Hourly Exam 2  
Mon Apr 1 Accessing and Controlling UNIX Devices Molay Ch 5
Wed Apr 3 Lab in PL122: Terminals Molay Ch 6, Hahn Ch 7
Fri Apr 5 Short Quiz 8
Games: Managing the screen and handling events
Molay Ch 7
Mon Apr 8 Processes and Inter-Process Communication Molay Ch 8, 15.3
Wed Apr 10 Lab in PL122: Games part 2  
Thu Apr 11 HPC Symposium  
Fri Apr 12 HPC Symposium (No class)  
Mon Apr 15 Redirection and Pipes Molay Ch 10
Wed Apr 17 Lab in PL122: More Pipes Molay Ch 11.1-11.4
Fri Apr 19 Short Quiz 9
Large files and memory
Mon Apr 22 Character Sets Prata B.V, B.VII
Wed Apr 24 Lab in PL122: LaTeX  
Fri Apr 26 Review for final  
Tue May 7 Final Exam 8-11am STEPS 101 
Last revised: 18 April 2013, Brian D. Davison.