CSE198: Introduction to Data Science (Fall 2016)

InstructorProf. Brian D. Davison
Time/Location MWF 11:10-noon, STEPS 280
Catalog Description Data Science is a fast-growing interdisciplinary field, focusing on the computational analysis of data to extract knowledge and insight. This course will introduce the student to the collection, preparation, analysis, modeling, and visualization of data, covering both conceptual and practical issues. Examples from diverse fields will be presented, and hands-on use of statistical and data manipulation software will be included.
Graders Abi Rose and Adam Svetec
Prerequisites CSE 2, 12 or BIS 335 or permission of the instructor (some kind of programming experience).
Useful Links CourseSite, Piazza

Interested in understanding all the hype about data science, big data, data analytics, etc.? This may be the course for you. Take a look at the course syllabus.

You may want to start with this article by Foster Provost and Tom Fawcett that appeared in the first issue of the journal Big Data: Data Science and Its Relationship to Big Data and Data-Driven Decision Making.

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