CSE/BIS 197: Search Engine Strategies (Fall 2006)

Instructors: Prof. Brian D. Davison
Prof. Lin Lin
Time/Location: Tue 12:10-1:00 in Rausch 137 (Registration CRN 43345)
Overview: This experimental 1-credit course will help students appreciate why search engine visibility is important but also difficult. They will gain an understanding of how search engines work, how web searchers behave, and how search marketing works. They will learn to identify goals, measure success, and build a strategy of organic and paid search for a web site. Students will also learn how to get a site indexed by choosing target keywords, optimizing content, and attracting links to their site.
Prerequisites: CSE 15 or BIS 120 or Engineering 1 or by permission of an instructor.
Expected Work: Homework and small projects.
Examinations: Quizes and a final exam.
Textbooks: Required: Search Engine Marketing, Inc., by Moran and Hunt (IBM Press, 2006).
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