Spring 2011

CSE262: Programming Languages


Lecture Schedule and homework assignments are posted at the CourseSite (due on Monday 11:55 PM)

Liang Cheng, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Office hours: Fridays from 12noon-12:45PM and by appointment
( Appointments other than office hours have to be requested by emails with the subject of appointment explained. )
Packard Lab 326
Phone: (610) 758-5941
URL: http://www.cse.lehigh.edu/~cheng/
Email: chengATcseDOTlehighDOTedu

Teaching Assistant:
TA: Ben Niu
Email: ben210ATlehighDOTedu
Office hours: 3:15 - 4:15pm every Friday; TA desk on the 6th floor of Packard Lab
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9:10-10:00a.m, Whitaker 203, Jan. 17 - Apr. 29, 2011.
CSE 17: Structured Programming and Data Structures.
Course Objective:
After you complete this course, you should be able to: list and use various programming languages and paradigms, describe the concepts underlying the design, implementation, and use of different programming languages, better choose the best language for a given programming task, and more easily learn new languages independently.
Course Description in Catalog:
Use, structure, and implementation of several programming languages.
Tucker, Allen and Noonan, Robert. Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms (second edition). McGraw Hill, New York, NY, 2007. ISBN-10 0-07-286609-8
Grading: (NOTE: All exams will be closed-book ones.)
Homeworks: 20%
Programming Projects: 30%
Open-book Pop Quizzes: 5%
In-class Hourly Exams: 15%
Final Exam: 30%
Submitting Work:
You should submit your work through the CourseSite course website. Your submission should be plain text (ASCII), a Microsoft Word file, or a PDF file. Any other format will not be accepted, unless you arrange for an exception ahead of time due to special circumstances.
Homework assignments will be graded primarily for completeness and correctness.
No late hand-in homework will be accepted. If you encounter any problem in submitting your work via the CourseSite, you should submit your work via emails to me and our TA before the deadline to avoid the late submission penalty. Exceptions will only be granted if an extenuating circumstance can be proven to the satisfaction of the instructor.
Collaboration / Academic Honesty:
All graded work is expected to be your own. In particular, you are not allowed to ask anyone but the instructor or TA for help with your homework or programming assignments. However, you are free to discuss the topics and concepts of the course with your classmates, as long as you do not discuss the specifics of any assignment. Any violation of this policy could result in failure of the course. For some pop-quizzes, by explicit instructions, the instructor may allow you to collaborate with the classmates.

Please visit the following two websites and read all details of the academic integrity policy: Academic Integrity at Lehigh University: http://www.lehigh.edu/~indost/conduct/aiforstudents.shtml and Improper Collaboration Policy: http://www.lehigh.edu/~ejk0/cheating.html.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities:
If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting accommodations, please contact both your instructor and the Office of Academic Support Services, University Center C212 (610-758-4152) as early as possible in the semester. You must have documentation from the Academic Support Services office before accommodations can be granted.
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