M. Chuah

Mooi-Choo (Mooi) Chuah is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Lehigh University. Her research interests are in heterogenous network architecture design, disruption tolerant network design, network & smartgrid security, mobile computing, and cloud computing. She runs the WiNS Lab. She is one of the NSF Advance Chairs in 2011. She is elected IEEE Fellow (Class of 2015) in 2014.

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Office Hours:

(CSE303 Fall, 2014) Tues 4-5pm, in PL 506


Fall 2014 Mooi is teaching CSE303 Operating Systems

Fall 2014 Mooi is teaching CREG257 Computer Engineering Senior Design Project

Fall 2012 Mooi taught Security & Privacy Issues in Emerging Technologies

Fall 2012 Mooi taught CSE379 Senior Design Project for Computer Science Students

Fall 2011/Spring 2012 Mooi taught CREG257/CREG258 (with Prof Haller)

Fall 2010,Fall 2012 Mooi taught CSE342, Fundamentals of Interworking.

Fall2004, Fall 2005,Spring 2009, Fall 2009,Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Mooi taught CSE403, Advanced Operating System .

Fall 2009, Mooi co-taught with Prof S. Kishore CSE497, Advanced Wireless Network Design.

Fall 2008, Mooi taught CSE363/497, Network System Design.

Spring 2007,Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013, Spring 2014 Mooi taught CSE303, Operating System Design .

Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Fall2011 Mooi taught CSE424(CSE497), Advanced Topics in Communication Networks

Fall 2006, Spring 2008, Spring 2010,Spring 2012 Mooi taught CSE343/443, Network Security .

Spring 2006, Mooi taught CSE216, Software Engineering (Section 11).

Spring 2005, Mooi taught EMC165 Communication Networks (with Prof Kishore).

Spring 2004, Spring 2005 Mooi taught CSE350/450, Network Security .

Professional Activities

Associate Editor for IEEE transaction on Parrallel and Distributed Systems (2013-now)

Associate Editor for IEEE transaction on Mobile Computing (2008-2012)

Editor for Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (2006-2010)

Symposium Co-Chair for IEEE Globecom Next Generation Networking Symposium, 2013

TPC Area Chair for IEEE INFOCOM 2011

TPC Co-Chair for IEEE INFOCOM 2010

Registration Co-chair for ACM MobiOpp 2010, Mobihoc 2010

Technical Co-Chair for IEEE Sarnoff Conference 2007

Network and Information Security Symposium Co-Chair for Chinacom 2009 (Aug 26-28, Xian, China)

Technical Vice Chair for IEEE WCNC 2006

TPC member for IEEE MSN 2011, IEEE ICNP 2011, IEEE GreenCom 2011

TPC member for ICNP 2014,2013,2010, ICCCN 2010 Network Security & Privacy

TPC member of AdHocNets 2009, BroadNets 2009, VTC 2009

TPC member for IEEE Infocom 2005,2006,2008, 2009,2012-2015

TPC member for ACM CHANTS 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,2011,2012

TPC member for Workshop on Security and Privacy of Emerging Ubiquitous Communication Systems, 2007

TPC member for IEEE Percom 2007, IWCMC 2006, 2007,2008

TPC member for BroadNets(Wireless) 2004, 2005, 2008

TPC member for IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, ICPADS 2007 (Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

TPC member for IEEE ST-BWA 2006 (under M2USIC 2006)

TPC member for IEEE Globecom 2004, 2006, ICCCN 2005, ICC 2005

Research Activities

Current Research

Smartphone Enabled Healthcare System (partially funded by NSF).

Mobile phones have become increasingly popular and gradually woven into our lives. Smartphones equipped with powerful embedded sensors (e.g., accelerometers, GPS, microphones, and etc.) can be used to monitor multiple dimensions of human behaviors including physical, mental and social behaviors of wellbeing. The collected sensing data can thus be mined not only for the understanding of daily life activities or human behaviors but also for supporting a broad range of mobile healthcare applications. We are designing a smartphone based healthcare monitoring system which monitor users for their mental, cognitive, and physical well-being and hence facilitate early diagnosis of potential illnesses and taking possible preventive measures. One project called SENSCOPS is funded by NSF. For more information about SENSCOPS , click here.

Secure Content-Centric Mobile Network (SECON)(funded by NSF).

New wireless technologies allow mobile users to have easy access to real-time data, and stay connected with friends and colleagues. However, emerging mobile applications are data-centric but existing IP oriented communication paradigms are not flexible enough to support this. Additionally, serious security and privacy concerns have also been raised. To fully support emerging mobile applications, we are developing a next generation mobile network called SECON that supports mobile content centric networking features and applications that use such features. For more information on SECON , click here

Secure Mobile Information Sharing System (SEMOIS)(funded by NSF).

Rapid advancement of the wireless technologies provide new opportunities for mobile users to have easy access to real-time data, derive useful social information, and stay connected with business partners, colleagues and friends. Towards this end, mobile social networking applications have recently emerged to meet these needs. This project aims to build a secure mobile information sharing system (SEMOIS) that supports secure and privacy-preserving real-time information sharing. SEMOIS has the ability to store secure data items with flexible access control at insecure storage nodes and enables users to send context-based messages with late-binding features. Additionally, a set of smart learning methods are developed to extract short-term and long-term geo-social patterns from multimodal sensing data collected by mobile devices for social networking purposes, e.g., geo-social patterns are used to derive hidden communities. For more information on SEMOIS , click here

Relisient Context-Aware Smartgrid Communication Network
Collaborative/Competitve Dynamic Spectrum Network Design
Assistive Technologies for Elderly and Disabled People
Secure Information Retrieval for Extreme Networks
Adhoc Networking across heterogenous devices
Past Research
Intelligent Message Filtering (IMF)for RADICAL networks (funded by ARL)
Sensor-based Medical Information System (SBMIS)
Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTN) (funded by DARPA) Project: EDIFY
Network-based Intrusion Detection
DDOS migitation techniques
Network-based Intrusion Detection/Network Forensics

Supervised Undergraduate Senior Design Projects

Autism Social Alert System (Fall 2011)
Running Mate (Fall 2012)
Smart Responses (Fall 2012)
Body Remotes (Fall12/Spring13)
Lehigh Virtual Touring, M. Erbeck and P. Mimms (Peer Choice Award) (Fall 2013)
Secure Gesture Home Control System (Fall 2013)
Kinect for Kids, J. Kurtz, K. Moore (Peer Choice Award) (Fall 2014)

Supervised Undergraduate Research Symposium Projects

FotoFun, G. Parrelli (Spring 2013)

Graduate/Undergraduate Students

Currently, one research position for PhD students is available. Those interested can send CVs to Prof Chuah.
Current PhD students
Dawei Li (Fall 2012)
Qinghan Xue (Fall 2013)
Wenbo Li (Fall 2014)
Current Master students
L. Tian (Summer 2014)
D. Combe (Summer 2014)
Current Undergraduate students
Chris Garman
Matthew Yurrish
Visiting Students
S. Xin (China) (Fall 2011)
Past Postdoc
Sankardas Roy
Past Visiting Students
Robert Si (Wuhan University) (Fall 09)
Antoine Deimotte (Superlec, France)
Graduated students
P.Biencourt (MS)(Microsoft) (May 2014)
G.Parrelli (Yahoo) (May 2014)
Z. Qin (MS)(Search Technologies) (May 2013)
E. Kosgei(MS)(Summer 2012)
X. Xiong(MS)(startup)(Spring 2012)
M. DiBlasio(BS)(IBM)(Spring 2012)
D. Li(MS) (Fall 2011)
Zhengjun Chen(MS), M. McCord(BS), S. Sample(BS)(Spring 2011)
Bryan Herbst(BS)(Fall 2010)
Steve Anthony(BS) (Summer 2010)
Ivan Stoev(MS) (Spring 2010)
Dr.Peng Yang (QTech)(Jan 2009)
Yong Xi(MS)
Ryan Metgzer(MS) (at BAE Systems)
Jian Bin Han(MS) (at GSE Systems)
Dr. Walter Scheirer (PhD from U of Colorado Boulder)- Congratulations!
F. Zhou (MS), with Intel
R. Viswanathan - co-supervised with Prof T. Li (ECE)(1st employment -Motorola)
F. Fu (MS)
M. Bollinger


Co-authored a book "Design and Performance of 3G networks/WLANs" with Dr. Q. Zhang,published by Kluwer, Sept 2005.

Chuah in the News

Informal Talk at Infocom 2012 on "Effective Research in Smaller Institutions"

Advice for graduate students

Past Life

Before joining Lehigh University in Spring,04, Mooi was a Technical Manager at Advanced Communications Technology Center, Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ. While at Bell Laboratories, she worked on wireless communications, IP/MPLS protocol designs and has been a key technical contributor to various business units and product teams at Lucent. She has been awarded 62 US patents, 15 international patents, and has 5 more pending. Her current research interests include heterogenous network system & protocol designs, network/computer system security, smartgrid resource management. She is a senior member of IEEE.

Patents - 62 US patents, 15 International patents awarded

Contact information:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
19 Memorial Drive West
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Phone: (610)758-4061
Office: 506 Packard Lab
E-mail : chuah at cse dot lehigh dot edu