CSE 371/471: Principles of Mobile Computing(Fall 19, Fall 20)


Prof. M. Chuah

Graduate Assistant:

Wanzhao Yang
way218(at) lehigh.edu

Course Description:

CSE 371/471 is a senior undergraduate and graduate level course that covers fundamental concepts and technology underlying mobile computing and its application as well as current research in these areas. Examples drawn from a variety of application domains such as health monitoring, energy management, smart transportation, human sensing. Issues of system efficiency will be studied, including handling of large data such as images and effective use of cloud storage. Research coverage will be drawn from the best publications in recent top conferences in this area. Deep learning methods will be covered. Students will do Android programming, develop deep learning models for object detection, analyze IOT apps for potential vulnerabilities. Besides 3 or 4 programming labs, students have one midterm and one final class project. There is no final exam.


To provide an in-depth understanding of how a scalable mobile computign system can be designed. In addition, the students will learn how to develop analytic tools to process large scale image datasets for object detection, develop a location-based mobile app, analyze COVID19 healthcare dataset and analyse IOT app for potential vulnerability. Graduate students will be made aware of current research topics in this area. These objectives are accomplished through course lectures, paper readings, and extensive laboratory exercises.


CSE 109 and (CSE202 or ECE201)

Expected Work:

lab programming assignments, Midterm, Final Project


Non-Traditional Midterm



No Textbooks. Mostly research papers from top conferences

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