Mooi Choo Chuah
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I very much believe in incorporating real-life practical examples in courses I teach. I teach core CS courses, Computer Science and Computer Engineering Senior Design courses, as well as courses related to my research topics.

Recent Courses

  • CSE379: Computer Science Senior Design Project, Fall 2015
  • CSE424: Advanced Computer Networking, Fall 2015
  • CREG 258: Computer Engineering Senior Design Project, Spring 2012, Spring 2015
  • CSE 403: Advanced Operating Systems, Spring 2015
  • CSE 303: Operating Systems, Fall13, Spring14,Fall 2014
  • CREG 257: Computer Engineering Senior Design Project, Fall11, Fall 2014
  • CSE 343/443: Network Security, Fall06, Spring 08, Spring 10, Spring 2012, Fall 2013
  • CSE450: Security & Privacy Issues in Emerging Technologies, Fall 2012
  • CSE342: Fundamentals of Interworking, Fall10, Fall 2012
Advice for Graduate Students

Advice Here are some useful pages I have collected over the years that I found useful for graduate students.