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CIMEL project home page

The following documents pertaining to development of the CIMEL project are available to our review panel and other interested parties:

Publications (most recent papers first):

Multimedia analysis and design:

  • The main web site for CIMEL Flash Development, an archive of information for our multimedia developers. Includes documentation about our development methodology, best practices, and tips on how to write high-quality multimedia.
  • Answers to questions for preliminary requirements analysis, by Glenn D. Blank. Includes audience analysis for students in CS1 and OOSE courses, goal and content analysis for OOSE content in these courses, needs assessment, and early discussion of resources and timeline.
  • A script for a lesson on Abstract Data Types (ADTs) for the OOSE course (Word document), by Harriet Jaffe and Glenn D. Blank.
  • A script for a "show me" demonstrating how to use the hot topics to study emerging contents in Abstract Data Types, occurring at the end of the ADT lesson scripted above (Word document), by Soma Roy and Glenn D. Blank.
  • Documentation for the Secure login system.
CIMEL project home page

Colloborative networking interface analysis and design:

  • Network Interface Specification, by Drew Kessler. Outlines a collaborative user interface in which personae seamlessly connect students to human instructors and librarians via networking technologies.

Hot topics data mining research plan:

  • Detecting Emerging Concepts in Textual Data Mining, by William M. Pottenger and David R. Gevry. Summarizes our research to date in the automatic identification of emerging trends in textual data and discusses the integration of trend detection in the development of constructive, inquiry-based multimedia courseware.

Evaluation surveys and data:

Courses planned for multimedia development:

  • Object-Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE): the syllabus includes texts, assignments and lecture notes for Fall 2000; summarized in our top-level content analysis. OOSE, a graduate level course, is the first course for which we are developing multimedia in the CIMEL framework. The official course description is: "Design and construction of modular, reusable, extensible and portable software using statically typed object-oriented programming languages (Eiffel, C++, Java). Abstract data types; genericity; multiple inheritance; use and design of software libraries; persistence and object-oriented databases; impact of OOP on the software life cycle. Our prototype covers one lesson of this course, abstract data types. Prof Glenn Blank is the instructor.
  • Introduction to Computing (CS0/CS1): the syllabus includes text and assignments for Fall 2002; summarized in our top-level content analysis. New multimedia will complement two new books, The Universal Computer: Introducing Computer Science with Multimedia, plus a supplement introducing Java programming "objects-first". As of fall 2003, this course will be split into two distinct courses at Lehigh University:
    • CS0: Survey of Computer Science (for non-majors), covering the breadth of CS and a light introduction to Java programming with more of an emphasis on web and user interface design.
    • CS1: Introduction to Computer Science (for majors, minors and other students planning to continue in a Computer Science sequence), covering Java programming in more depth and the breadth of CS. Prof Glenn Blank is the instructor.
  • Programming Languages (PL) syllabus, text and assignments for Spring 2001. PL is an intermediate level course, required of all Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors at Lehigh University (comparable courses are required in most other CS programs as well). Prof Drew Kessler is the instructor; Profs. Blank and Pottenger have each also taught this course multiple times.
Corporate Sponsors (letters of support):
Adam Lansing, Engineering Operations Leader, Lutron Electronics Company
Allan Frank, President and CTO, answerthink

Synergy Meetings:

  • Shreeram's presentation on user interface at 2/28/03 here
  • Saghwa's presentation on searching tools at 8/18/2003 here
  • Shenzhi's presentation on ETD at 8/18/2003 here
  • Tim's presentation on Security at 8/18/2003 here
  • Sally and Fangwei(Sophia)'s ideas of showing concern proposal at 11/7/03 here
  • Sally's presentation about ideas of showing concern proposal at 11/7/03 here

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