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Multimedia project evaluation for The Universal Machine

The goal of this form is to get your feedback on the design of The Universal Machine, as input for the design of a new (and hopefully even better) multimedia title. This form is similar to the course evaluation forms handed out at the end of the semester. For each question, use your mouse to select one answer, ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree.

  Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
1. The objectives of the multimedia are clear.
2. The multimedia is valuable in learning course content.
3. Much of the content of the multimedia was too introductory for me.
4. The organizational structure helps me to explore the content.
5. The multimedia makes good use of graphics to explain the content.
6. The use of sound helps me to learn the content.
7. The interactive exercises helped me to learn by doing or constructing.
8. I would learn more if there were more interactive exercises.
9. It is helpful to have a narrator read most of the text on the screen.
10. I would like to print lesson notes, screen content and narration as study aids.
  Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
11. The program provides enough learner support 'Help'.
12. I prefer faces of real people (rather than Knobby) as agents.
13. The multimedia course material was challenging but not overwhelming.
14. Presenting the content in sequential order helps me to learn the material.
15. I prefer to have timed program control advance the content.
16. The context of each screen is clear.
17. It is helpful to know how much progress I have made in a module.
18. The narration text is easy to read.
19. Much of the content was too advanced for me.
20. I was able to progress through the multimedia at my own speed.
  Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
21. The multimedia material progressed from simple to more complex topics.
22. New concepts built on previous concepts taught in the multimedia.
23. The multimedia provided opportunities for student-directed exploration.
24.The multimedia guided me to further investigation, using the web or the library.
25. The multimedia was hands-on and required student involvement in projects.
26. There were activities that encouraged me to learn at my own pace.
27. Each lesson should explain any prerequisite knowledge.
28. Quizzes after each lesson motivate me to pay closer attention to the material.
29.I would benefit from an active chat room about course material with instructors and other students.
30. I would benefit from live video connections with professors and librarians.

When you finish making your selections. Submit the questionnaire for processing.