CIMEL project home page
  • Principal Investigators

  • Glenn D. Blank: PI in charge of multimedia design and development
    William Pottenger : Co-PI in charge of textual data mining
    G. Drew Kessler: Co-PI in charge of collaborative networking environment
  • Student Developers and Researchers
  • Fang Wei: Research assistant working on multimedia development
    Sharmeen Mecklai: Research assistant working on multimedia development
    Sally Hiestand: Graduate Teaching Fellow working on multimedia development
    Jonathan Morgan and Adrian Ramsay: Undergraduates working on multimedia development
    Jeff Heigl, Soma Roy and Shreeram Sahasrabudhe: Recent graduates working on multimedia development
    Martin Herr, Aaron Sherrick and Sangwha Li: Undergraduates working on tools and database tracking
    David Gevry and Shenzhi Li: Research assistant working on textual data mining
    Scott Frees and Qiang Wang: Research Assistants working on collaborative networking environment

  • Evaluation Experts
    Althea Smith, Shrameen Mecklai, Chris Janneck and Mark Shulman: professor personae
    Pamela Wikkerink-Blank: TA persona
    David Goldfeder, Adrian Ramsay and Soma Roy: student personae
    Sharon L. Siegler: reference librarian persona

  • Evaluation Experts
    Jean Russo : Consultant expert in charge of evaluation
    Morgan Jennings: Consultant expert in charge of evaluation
    Debra Dirksen: Assisting Morgan Jennings in evaluation process

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