Mtn Laurel RPCVs - Lehigh Valley PA

This rudimentary website is run by your friendly webmaster RPCV Edwin Kay.

The Mtn. Laurel group is a member of the National Peace Corps Association ( ).

I invite local RPCVs Valley to send me their email addresses, so I can add them to our listserv. We have monthly meetings at some local, inexpensive, ethnic restaurant.

Dinner at the Clove restaurant, 24 March 2016. First row, from left: Bruce Whitehouse, Ghana; Rokia Whitehouse; Oumou Whitehouse; Zachary Whitehouse. Second row: John Kennedy, Ghana; Fran Kennedy, Ghana; Jannie Kay, Cameroon; Diane Dilendik, Liberia; Agnes Gallin, Thailand; Edwin Kay, Cameroon. Third row: Andrea Deimel, San Salvador.

Oumou Whitehouse's attaining US citizenship.

Dinner at Jenny's Kuali, 29 February 2016.

Clockwise, from the front: Liz Kemmerer, Benin; Rob Stevens, Burkina Faso; Jannie Kay, Cameroon; Ed Kay, Cameroon; Al Bodzin, Kiribati; Fran Kennedy, Ghana; Sue Norling, Kenya; John Kennedy, Ghana; Dan Krippene, Phillipines; Jerry McFadden, Morocco; Mimi Stanford, Thailand; Bill Stanford.

Group photo from the 21 May 2015 meeting at Francisco's Salvadorena restaurant, which we highly recommend.
Left side from front to back: Meghan McGinty (2012-2014), Darryl Alexander (Armenia?, 2016- ), John Kennedy (hidden; Ghana, 1965-68), Bob Cohen (Nigeria, 1962??), Oumou Whitehouse (hidden), Bruce Whitehouse (Mali 1997-2000), Bob Bauer (Colombia 63-64) (noname photographer in mirror).
Right side from front to back: Christy Musa (Sierra Leone 1981-83), Edwin Kay (Cameroon, 1995-97), Frances Kennedy (Ghana 1966-67), Alec Bodzin (Kiribati, 1988-89), Maryliz Bauer (hidden), Janice Kay (Cameroon, 1995-97), Diane Dilendik (hidden; Liberia 1964-67).

Group photo from the January 2010 meeting at Diane Dilendik's house.
First row: Mimi Stanford (Thailand, 65-67)
Second row: (left to right): Amanda Lowry (Uganda, 07-09), John Kennedy (Ghana 65-68), Janice Kay (Cameroon 95-97), Brian Hoffmaster (Lesotho, 05-07), Diane Dilendik (Liberia, 64-67).
Third row: Edwin Kay (Cameroon 95-97), Bruce Whitehouse (Mali, 97-00), Fran Kennedy (Ghana, 66-68), Ann Shimer (Jamaica, 93-95), Ursula Merriman (Thailand, 83-86).

On Saturday 22 February 2014 we had a potluck at Ed and Jannie Kay's house. We constructed a PowerPoint(tm) presentation to which each RPCV contributed four pictures from their Peace Corps service. You can view the presentation here.

The slide show from our gathering at the Kay's on Saturday 31 January 2009.

Here is a link to a long (146 pages) but very interesting report on attempts by two RPCVs (who served in the 60s and in the 00s) to reform Peace Corps. So far, I have read about half of it. It makes for interesting reading.

Here are the financial report and the group report for the year 2010.

Here are the financial report and the group report for the year 2012.

Here are the financial report and the group report for the year 2013.

Here are the financial report and the group report for the year 2014.

Here are the financial report and the group report for the year 2015.

To the left is a picture of Marjorie May, the founder of our chapter. In 1991 she received Peace Corps' highest award, the Shriver Award, which is named after the founder of Peace Corps, Sargent Shriver. After retiring from teaching in Pen Argyl, PA, Majorie served in Peace Corps in Malaysia. Subsequently, she raised about $250,00 to support various Peace Corps projects in Africa.