Subsequent to my two years of teaching maths at the University of Buea (UB) in Cameroon, Miranda Teboh followed me back to Lehigh and enrolled as a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics. This led to a stream of students from UB, some my former students, others friends of these students, etc. Below I list the students from UB who have enrolled at Lehigh, plus two other members of the local Cameroonian community.

In Cameroon one states one's name family name first, English name second, and African name third. This leads to lots of confusion in general and on my part in particular. Below I state the names in the order, English name, African name, family name. In some cases the English name or the African name is omitted. All degrees listed are from Lehigh.

Miranda Ijang Teboh-Ewungkem, MS in Statistics, 2003, PhD in Mathematics, 2003.

Julius Ewungkem, MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, 2004

Julius Ewungkem, Jr., BS in ???, 2023.

Eric Teyim, MS in Chemistry, 2005.

Bweh Esembeson, MS in Physics, 2004, PhD in Physics, 2008.

Samson Penn Tafon, Master of Engineering, 2003, PhD in Physics, 2007.

Francis Ndi, MS in Physics, 2001, PhD in Physics, 2007.

Clement Nkongnwi Mformbele, MS in Statistics, 2007, PhD in Mathematics, 2007.

George Ngwa, MS in Chmistry, 2004, PhD in Chemistry, 2007.

Sirry Mbong Alang, MS in Social Psychology, 2008.

Julius Esunge, MS in Statistics.

John Bosco Ambe, MBA&E in Computer Engineering, 2007.

Solomon Agbor-Tabi Makebe, BS in Chemical Engineering, 2008, MS in Chemical Engineering, 2010.

Joseph Teyim, Undergraduate, class of 2016.