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Glenn David Blank is a Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
in the CSE Department at Lehigh University
Professor Emeritus means that Dr. Blank has a retired from Lehigh University

My Curriculum Vitae, with links to papers.

Web pages for courses that I taught:

I was the Principal Investigator of two K-12 STEM outreach projects: Launch-IT, an NSF ITEST project launching Lehigh Valley middle and high school students towards college and careers in Information Technology (IT) and LV STEM, an NSF GK-12 project putting Graduate Fellows into Lehigh Valley K-12 classrooms. Here's a paper describing Launch-IT (SITE 2008) and the first annual report for LV STEM (March 2008).

I was also the Principal Investigator of a multimedia e-learning project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA) called CIMEL (Constructive, collaborative, Inquiry-Based, Multimedia Learning in Computer Science Education). (We pronounce "CIMEL" like "simmer" only it ends with an 'l'.) Check out the Web-based demo (implemented in Flash) or read the proposal and other documentation.

My graduate students and I developed an intelligent tutoring system that supports a "design-first" approach to the first programming course (CS1). We extended CIMEL by developing an intelligent tutoring system to help beginners learn object-oriented software development and Java. We are also developing intelligent tutoring systems to help students learn how to debug programs, solve fraction problems, etc. See my Vita for recent publications about our research.

Link to book and multimedia resources Link to CIMEL project and sample multimedia I'm an author! The latest version of our book has a new title:
The Universal Computer: Introducing Computer Science with Multimedia.
It has been completely revised, published by McGraw-Hill/Primis (August 2003/2004).
The preface and chapter 1 are available in PDF form.

The multimedia is web-based (using Flash): check out the demo.

Contact me if you are a teacher interested in using either book or the multimedia.
(Note: students can learn from the multimedia without the book.)

The Universal Computer significantly revises an earlier book:
The Universal Machine: A Multimedia Introduction to Computing.

I have two children:
Adam and Abigail.

I also lead a Messianic Jewish congregation called
Beit Simcha ("House of Joy")

We went to Israel in the Fall of 2006 and here is a slide show.
We also went to Israel during my sabbatical in the Spring of 1999
and I posted the first month of my travelogue.