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CSE 10+13/14: Introduction to Computing

Professor: Glenn David Blank           Phone: 758-4867                                   Office: 328 Packard Lab
Hours: TWTh
2:45-3:45 PM               E-mail:"glenn dot blank at lehigh dot edu"

Prerequisites: none (that=s right, none!)
Textbooks: Glenn D. Blank, Robert F. Barnes and Edwin J. Kay, The Universal Computer:
                       A Multimedia Introduction to Computer Science
, 2002, available only from Prof. Blank.

                    David Barnes and Michael Kölling, Objects First With Java:
                       A Practical Introduction Using BlueJ
, 2002 (first five chapters), from Prof. Blank.

Homework/programming assignments:                                                            45%
6-weeks & final exam:                                                                                          15% and 30%

Class attendance, quizzes and participation (lectures and labs):                 10%

Note: all students in CSE10 must also be enrolled in a multimedia laboratory, either CSE13 or CSE14.


  Date          Topic                                                                                                 Reading; assignments (tentative due dates)

Tu 8/27   Objectives; syllabus. What is computing?

Lab         Introducing the Universal Machine; DOS, ftp                               Introducing … the Universal Machine

Th 8/29   Turing machines, virtual machines                                                  The Universal Computer (UC) chapter 1

Tu 9/2     Problem solving                                                                                  UC chapter 2

Lab         Problem solving; Knobby's World                                                  #1 due 9/3: UC chapter 1

Th 9/4     Problem solving; Knobby's World programming                          #2 due 9/8: UC chapter 2

Tu 9/9     Programming languages and their translators                                UC chapter 3

Lab         Objects and classes with BlueJ                                                        Objects First With Java (OF) chapter 1

Th 9/11   Programming languages                                                                    #3 due 9/15: OF chapter 1

Tu 9/17   What is in an object? (state, instance variables)          

Lab         Programming languages and their translators

Th 9/19   Understanding classes                                                                      OF chapter 2

Tu 9/24   Simple Java applications                                                                    UC chapter A.1-A.3

Lab         A Taste of Java                                                                                    #4 due 9/27: OF chap 2, UC chap 3

Th 9/26   Review and continue chapter A                                                       UC chapter A.4-A.5

Tu 10/1    6-weeks exam, in class (416PL)                                                       UC chapters 1-3, A.1-A.5, OF chapters 1-2

Lab         Java arithmetic and character manipulation                                     UC chapter A.6-A.9, A.11

Tu 10/8   The software development life cycle                                               UC chapter 4

Th 10/10 Testing and debugging; extreme programming                              OF chapter 3.12

Lab           Software engineering

Tu 10/15  Abstraction and object interaction                                                  OF chapter 3

Th 10/17  Peeling the onion: computer architecture                                       UC chapter 5

Lab           Computer architecture                                                                       #5 due 10/18: UC chap A and 4, OF chap 3

Tu 10/22  Control structures: boolean expressions                                        UC chapter B.1-B.2

Th 10/24  Control structures: loops                                                                  UC chapter B.3-B.6 (B.7 optional)

Lab           Boolean expressions; loops

Tu 10/29  Collections                                                                                           OF chapter 4

Th 10/31  Arrays                                                                                                  UC chapter C

Lab           CSc13: Applets;  CSc14: Strings and Arrays                                 #6 due 10/31: UC chaps 5 and B

Tu 11/5     Searching and sorting                                                                       UC chapter 6.1

Th 11/7     Analysis of algorithms                                                                      UC chapter 6.2

Lab           Operating systems and networks

Tu 11/12  Operating systems                                                                             UC chapter 7

Th 11/14  Java libraries, documentation and interfaces                                 OF chapter 5

Lab           CSc13: Usability design;  CSc14: C++                                            #7 due 11/15: UC chap C,6-7, OF chap 4

Tu 11/19  Usability and web page design                                                       

Th 11/21  A Taste of C++                                                                                   Universal Machine C++ chapters available

Lab           Social and ethical issues

Tu 11/26  Social and ethical issues                                                                   UC chapter 8

Tu 12/3     Artificial Intelligence                                                                         UC chapter 9

Lab           Artificial Intelligence        

Th 12/5     Wrap-up and review                                                                          #8 due 12/6: UC chap 8-91, OF chap 5