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CSE 12: Survey of Computer Science

Catalog description: Survey of topics in computer science, software development in Java, and web page design. Includes multimedia laboratory. No prerequisites. Cannot be taken with CSE 15, CSE 16 or Engr 1.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:
• Understand and converse intelligently about great ideas and issues in computer science, such as virtual machines, virtual memory, and virtual reality; what a programming langauge translator does how it works; what a modern operating system or computer network does, how it works, and how to make effective use of it; how computing affects our privacy, security, job prospects, copyrights, or ethics; the potential and limits of artificial intelligence, etc.
• Understand how software developers solve problems, well enough to analyze, design and implement solutions to simple problems, with use cases, UML and Java.
• Critique a software user interface and create a web page with Flash animation.
• Work in pairs or teams when analyzing or developing software.
• Decide whether you want to learn more about computer science in other courses.


Sample exams:

  • #1: Chapter 1: Introducing the Universal Computer.
  • #2: Chapter 2: Problem solving before programming and Knobby's World
  • #3: Chapter 3: Programming languages and their Translators and Chapter 1 of Design First with Java
  • #4: Movie Ticket Machine, Java chapter 2, global issues papers
  • #5: Chapters 4 and 5: Software engineering and Computer architecture
  • #6: Chapters 6 and 7: Operatings systems and networks; Analyzing algorithms
  • #7: Chapter 8: User interface and web design
  • #8: Chapters 9 and 10: Social and ethical issues; Artificial Intelligence