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CSE 16: Multimedia Introduction to Computing

Final Exam sample questions


Answer the following T or F.  Explain why or why not. 



1. Explain why multiprogramming can improve the performance or throughput of each of the following types of systems:

a) Batch operating systems



b) Time-sharing operating systems




2. How do classes illustrate the power of abstraction?  How does class inheritance further illustrate abstraction?

3. Consider the following Boolean circuit:

a) Circle and label an AND gate, an OR gate, and a NOT gate in the diagram.

b) What logical expression do the thicker lines in the circuit diagram represent?



c) What does this circuit represent?  What is the purpose of CARRY IN and CARRY OUT?


4. For each of the following multiple-choice questions, circle the right answer and explain why. (25)

a) Why is it a good idea to put a comment next to a variable?


b)      Which of the following layers is the lowest in the "onion" of computer architecture?

5. Show the HTML that produces the web page below (show plausible file names and links). (10)