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Multimedia Design and Development
Questions for Preliminary Requirements Analysis

Form project teams and begin brainstorming about potential projects!  (Feel free to brainstorm with me..) 
Set up a link to a project web page then send email to me by Sunday, February 3rd, announcing your tentative project title, team members and preliminary analysis. 
To help you brainstorm, discuss the following questions.  Appoint a secretary to write down your answers. 
Your secretary should your analysis document, consisting of your project title, team members and roles, and answers to the following analysis questions.

Put a first draft of your document on your project web site and send a link to me and all other stakeholders by Thursday, February 7th noon (I'd like to review them before class that day).  After getting feedback, you can flesh out and revise this document and announce that a second draft is available later in February.


Who?  Audience analysis.

1. Who is your audience?  Develop a profile of your learners—ages, genders, backgrounds, experiences, attitudes, etc. 

Do you want to include or attract an audience wider than your typical profile?  If so, revise your profile to be more inclusive.


2. What can you assume as background?  What limitations or attitudes might some of your audience have that need to be overcome?


What?  Goals and Content Analysis

3. What unit of material do you want your target audience to learn?  I.e., provide a name and a brief description.


4. What are the major topics of your unit?  Itemize them, i.e., write an outline of topic and salient sub-topics.


5. What are the key concepts/skills of your unit that you would like the learner to master? What is the desired performance level for learning these concepts/skills? (This part will require detailed analysis.  It’s a bit easier if you can work from existing material, such as a chapter of a textbook or teacher’s lesson plans.)


Why?  Needs Assessment

6. What are the current sources/methods/practices by which students learn these concepts/skills? (Look at materials currently in use; ask your subject matter teacher about techniques in use.)


7. What are the results of these practices?  How can these practices be improved by a tutoring environment and/or multimedia?


8. What areas of difficulty are students having?  How could intelligent tutoring help?


9. What pedagogical strategies could you use to help students learn this material?


10. Describe one or more scenarios for how learners will interact with your proposed system as use cases.


Where, how and when? Deployment, resources and timeline.

11. Where will your unit be deployed?  (I.e., platform, web site?)


12. Is there subject matter teacher for your content?  How will he/she work with your team?


13. Who will work on your project?  What roles will each project member have?


14. What hardware and software resources will you need?  What do you already have?


15. Schedule: when do you expect to complete a design, a paper prototype, a user interface prototype, a multimedia e-learning unit ready for evaluation? (See the syllabus for some suggested dates.)