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Errata in The Universal Computer, 2nd edition (2004):

Please send feedback the textbook to lead author, gdb0(at)
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A corrected and improved version of figure 1.9 on page 16 of the textbook,
may be found at

Exercise 5.52 on page 133 refers to figure 5.9, but it should refer to figure 5.10.

On page 135, the sentence above exercise 5.53, which says that "the fourth line for INC leaves the accumulator in state 11"
should instead say, "the first line ..." (since it is the first line for INC which has 11 as its previous contents of the accumulator).

On page 139, after exercise 5.67, the text talks about how many rows would be needed in a truth
table. The text states that we need 12 more columns for a 2-bit register, accumulator, and buffer,
apparently including the output columns in the total. However, the number of rows in the table is only
dependent on the input columns. For a single 2-bit register, this would be a total of 10 input columns, 2^10 rows,
or 1024 rows.

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