Project #2 FAQ

This page contains answers to the Frequently Asked Questions for our RoboCup project. I also recommend that you check the Help forum at the RoboCup site on SourceForge. Finally, here's a useful, although somewhat dated, FAQ.

Please send an e-mail to to add a question and/or answer to this list.

  1. Where can I get simple sample RoboCup agents from?

    A number of RoboCup agents (called clients) are available on the Web. A number of simple clients for older versions of the server can be found at the original RoboCup site on SourceForge. The latest version of the noda client mentioned on page 80 of the manual can be downloaded from here.

  2. Are there any libraries that I can reuse?

    Yes, the Official RoboCup Library page has a number of libraries that you may wish to reuse. These include libraries for socket handling, parsing incoming and outgoing messages, and estimating position from visual information. Most of the libraries are in C++ or Java, but libraries for a few other languages are available as well.

  3. How can I test my team against opponents?

    You may want to download one or more teams from the Official Team Repository and play them against your team. This repository has teams from all of the international RoboCup competitions.