Signup Sheet for Paper Critiques

Here are the papers to be critiqued and the students who have signed up for them. At most, two students may sign up for each paper, if more than two wish to review the same paper, I will take names on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you would like to choose a paper to critique that is not on this list, then please get my approval first.

The CMUnited-98 Champion Simulator Team 11/24 Dezhao Song, Yang Yu
A Scalable Comparison-Shopping Agent for the World-Wide Web 12/1 Elizabeth Carter, Xiong Xiong
Agent Communication in Ubiquitous Computing: The Ubismart Approach 12/1 Greg Fedynyshyn, Bin Zeng
A Plug-in Architecture for Generating Collaborative Agent Responses 12/3 TBD
Distributed Agent-Based Air Traffic Flow Management 12/3 Yingjie Li