Signup Sheet for Paper Critiques

Here is the list of papers available for critique. Only one student can sign up for each paper. I will take requests on a first-come, first-serve basis starting 2pm Tuesday, Nov. 5. You must sign up no later than 5pm on Wednesday, Nov. 6. If you have a preferred presentation day, let me know when you sign up, and I will take that into consideration when I create the presentation schedule, although an important factor will be having related papers presented on the same day. If you would like to choose a paper to critique that is not on this list, then please get my approval first.

A Scalable Comparison-Shopping Agent for the World-Wide Web by Doorenbos, Etzioni, and Weld Kelly Reynolds 11/19
The CMUnited-98 Champion Simulator Team by Stone, Veloso and Riley Yi Luo 11/19
Autonomous Driving in Traffic: Boss and the Urban Challenge by Urmson et al. Chao Wang 11/19
An Agent-based Market Platform for Smart Grids Kostas Hatalis 11/21
Computing an Approximate Jam/Fold Equilibrium for 3-player No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournaments by Ganzfried and Sandholm David Pennenga 11/21
Deployed ARMOR Protection: The Application of a Game Theoretic Model for Security at the Los Angeles International Airport by Pita et al. Xin Wang 11/21
Multi-Agent Monte Carlo Go by Marcolino and Matsubara David Tench 11/26
Information Set Generation in Partially Observable Games by Richards and Amir Pete Biencourt 11/26
A Plug-in Architecture for Generating Collaborative Agent Responses by Rich et al. Daniel Phang 11/26
Bimodal Switching for Online Planning in Multiagent Settings by Sonu and Doshi TBD TBD
Modeling Context Aware Dynamic Trust Using Hidden Markov Model by Liu and Datta TBD TBD
Agent Communication in Ubiquitous Computing: The Ubismart Approach by van Diggelen et al. TBD TBD
Agent-based Micro-Storage Management for the Smart Grid by Vytelingum et al. TBD TBD
Electric Elves: Applying Agent Technology to Support Human Organizations by Chalupsky et al. TBD TBD
Distributed Agent-Based Air Traffic Flow Management by Tumer and Agogino TBD TBD