CSc 327 AI Theory and Practice, Spring 2002

Professor Jeff Heflin

Class News

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Course Description

This course will provide a general introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will discuss what AI is, survey some of the major results in the field, and look at a few promising directions. In particular, we will seek answers to questions such as how do you represent and reason with knowledge? how can a robot or artificial agent formulate a plan to achieve a task? and how can an agent learn in order to improve its behavior or cope with unanticipated situations?

For details about course content, grading, assignments, and office hours, see the class syllabus.


The course will have four homework assignments. Two of these will be written exercises and the other two will be computer assignments. The computer assignments will not require knowledge of any particular computer language, but will require basic computer literacy.

Each of the homeworks will be made available here after they are handed out in class. The online versions of the homework are in PDF format.