CSE 198/COGS 198: Survey of Artificial Intelligence

An introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) intended for non-majors. AI concepts, systems, and history.
CSE 002
TTh 10:45-12:00
Poole, David L. and Alan K. Mackworth. Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents (second edition). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-107-19539-4


How is this course related to CSE 327?
This course will cover much of the same material as CSE 327, but in a way that is more accessible to non-majors. Fundamentals of algorithms, data structures, and discrete math that are necessary for understanding the topics will be covered in detail as necessary. Because of the significant overlap in topics, students who take CSE 198 may not take CSE 327 at a later date. Likewise, students who have previously taken CSE 327 may not take CSE 198.
Can Computer Science majors take the course?
Yes, but it cannot be used as a technical elective. If taken by CS majors, the course can only count as a science and technology elective or as a free elective. Computer Science students are strongly advised to wait and take CSE 327, so they can get a more in-depth introduction to AI.
Will CSE 327 be changing?
Yes. The next time CSE 327 is offered, it will require both CSE 17 and CSE 140 as prerequisites. Students who do not intend to take these courses but that still want to learn AI should enroll in CSE/COGS 198, or wait to take CSE/COGS 127 (the future official course number of CSE/COGS 198).
Should Cognitive Science Majors take this course?
Cognitive Science majors who will be graduating in Spring 2020 (and who have not completed COGS 327) must take this course to fulfil their AI requirement. At this time, the CS department cannot guarantee that COGS 327 will be offered in Spring 2020. Cognitive Science majors who plan on graduating in Spring 2021 should take this course this semester if they do not plan on taking the new prerequisites of COGS 327 (CSE 17 and CSE 140). There is no guarantee that COGS 127 (the future number of COGS 198) will be offered in the 2020/2021 academic year. Cognitive Science students with a particular aptitude for and interest in computing are encouraged to take COGS 327 after they have completed its prerequisites.
How often will CSE/COGS 127 and CSE/COGS 327 be offered?
The CSE department is committed to offering each course at least once every other year. If the department is able to hire sufficient faculty, then the courses will be offered more frequently, ideally once a year each. This means that students with less than two years til graduation should take the version they are interested in as soon as they see if offered.