Homework #3

Due Tuesday, Sept. 23

In Homework #1, you were asked to imagine that you were the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of a small online bookstore. Imagine again that you are in this same position, but this time, you have decided to use RDF instead of XML. You will need to create an RDF file for your catalog and an RDF Schema that provides limited semantics for your catalog. In both cases, use the XML syntax for RDF.

First, create an RDF file that describes ten different books. At a minimum, your book information should include title, authors, ISBN, category, price, and an indication of whether the book is in stock or not. Include books from at least three distinct categories (e.g., Science Fiction, Biography, Children's Fiction). The namespace for your vocabulary should be the location of the RDF Schema described below.

Now, create an RDF Schema for your book file. Every term used in your RDF file should be defined as a Class or Property. Provide subClassOf, subPropertyOf, domain, and range information as appropriate. The file should include a detailed hierarchy of book categories, including at least three levels and ten or more categories.

This assignment is due by the beginning of class on Tuesday, Sept. 23. Please publish your files on the Web and submit them to me by e-mail (heflin@cse.lehigh.edu) with subject line "CSE 497 Homework #3". Your grade will primarily be based on correct use of syntax and completeness of the RDF Schema.