Research Paper Critique

An important skill for any graduate student is the ability to independently read and critique research papers. In this assignment, you are to choose a research paper related to the Semantic Web, thoroughly read it, and write a critique of the paper. This critique should be between 4 and 8 pages long, double-spaced. It is due on Tuesday, November 25.

The critique should sumarize the paper and then provide your opinion on it. It should give the motivation for the work (i.e., why they wrote it), the methods they used (i.e., what they did and how they did it), and their conclusions (i.e., what they proved or found out). As for critiquing the paper, you should state whether you think the paper is valuable and why, and whether you think the methodology was sound (e.g., did they make unrealistic assumptions?). You should also point out anything you would have done differently, and also discuss what other research questions and problems the paper raises.

You may select any paper related to the Semantic Web, as long as it has not already been assigned in class. If you have any doubts as to whether a paper is relevant, check with me first. Please try to find a paper that actually interests you. Some good sources for papers are below:

The proceedings of ISWC'02 and ISWC'03 are not published online in one place, but many authors publish their papers on their home pages. If you see a paper you are interested in reading, try the following: