Homework #2 FAQ

1. In 5) when you say "topic label", do you mean the title of the paper?
No, the "topic" is the swpub:topic property of each paper. I want the label associated with this topic. Look at the swpub.rdf file. Each of the topics has an rdfs:label. I will be sure to have a copy of this file in the input directory with the rest of the input files.
2. In 5) what should the output file look like?
I would like the output to have a bibliographic style. I.e., something like: http://www.cse.lehigh.edu/~heflin/courses/sw-readlist.html
3. In 5) can we assume that the firstName, lastName, and middleName properties will be used like the fullName properties within the authorLists and editorLists?
You may assume that only fullName properties will be used to give author names.
4. In 5) what will the command-line arguments look like? Will the html extension be provided for the output file?
For userid uuu999 the command will look something like this:
java uuu999.MakeReadListHTML rdf-readings readlist.html
where rdf-readings is a directory located in the current working directory.
5. In 5) why don't my authors and editors appear in the correct sorted order?
Note that RDF graphs are not sorted. However, the semantics of the <Seq> tag states that its content are a sorted list. This element and its subelements are transformed into a specific style of graph in order to remember the order. You will have to use the properties of this graph in conjunction with specific SPARQL features to guarantee that you get back the authors/editors in the correct order.