Presentation Schedule

428 Fall 2014

The dates and order of paper critique presentations are given below. Each presentation should be 20 minutes long, including discussion time.

Each student and each paper has been randomly assigned a group: A, B or C. Every student is responsible for reading the paper for their group for each day and for participating in the discussion of that paper. Students are welcome to read additional papers and participate in those discussions too. The list of groups for each student are:

Cheung, MichaelA
Cui, ZhiyuanB
Gao, XiangB
Gross, AndrewC
Merwine, JonB
Messersmith, MatthewA
Seip, TylerA
Shin, DongyunC
Tian, LiC
Xue, QinghanB
Yang, HuanB
Yao, JundongA
Zhang, XiaoxiC