The Semantic Web

Final Project

Due 12/14/2001

Your final project is due at 5pm on Friday, Dec. 14. Here is some information concerning what is expected for both papers and programming projects.


Your should submit a hard-copy of your final paper to me. Your paper should be between 10 and 30 pages long, double-spaced. It should contain an abstract, introduction, multiple body sections, conclusion and a list of references.

Programming Projects

Your programming project submission should include:

This should be submitted electronically (either by e-mail to or on disk) in a compressed format. If you wish, you may turn in hard-copies of the setup and user instructions, instead of submitting them electronically.

The setup instructions should describe the required platform (e.g., Windows 98, Sun Solaris, etc.), programming language (e.g., Java 1.1.8), and any special configuration steps that are needed to run your software. This should probably be about half a page. The user instructions need only describe how to start your software and use its major features. If your software is reasonably intuitive, then this can be very short, hopefully one page or less.

You are also required to give a demonstration of your software to me before Wednesday, Dec. 19. Please schedule this demo with me before Dec. 7. It should be about half an hour long and can either be in my office or in one of the computer labs in Packard.