Homework 1 - Annotate a Web Page with SHOE

Due 9/28/01

Your assignment is to add SHOE semantic tags to your web page. If you do not have a web page, then first create a simple one (note that you can create an HTML page even if you do not have a web server to host it). Your web page should use one or more of the existing SHOE ontologies, which can be found at The cs-dept-ontology, v.1.1 and personal-ont, v.1.0 ontologies should be particularly useful. Be sure to assign meaningful keys to all instances, and provide annotations that partially describe those instances which are referred to in your document. You should have at least ten assertions (each CATEGORY or RELATION element is an assertion) on your page and the page must be valid SHOE. Each assertion should be as specific as possible while still being true, and redundant assertions should be avoided. For example, if you have the choice between stating that your category is Person or Student, you should only state the Student category, since the Person category can be inferred from this.

Turn in your assignment by sending me the URL of your final web page. If you don't have a URL, send the entire HTML file. The assignment is due by 11am on Friday, Sept. 28, 2001.

The following resources may be of use to you: