Homework 2 - Create a DAML Ontology

Due 10/31/01

Your assignment is to create an ontology using the DAML+OIL language. You can choose any subject for your ontology, but its contents must be the result of your own work. The ontology should define at least 10 classes and at least 10 properties. Also, you must use at least two different kinds property restrictions (recall that a property restriction uses the <daml:Restriction> element to define a class by limiting values for one of its properties). If you wish, you may import any number of preexisting DAML ontologies, but imported classes and properties will not be counted towards fulfilling the minimum number of definitions required by the assignment. Your focus should be on quality instead of quantity, since extra credit will not be given for ontologies with more classes or properties than are required.

Turn in your assignment by sending me ( a copy of your ontology file.  The assignment is due by 11am on Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2001.

The following resources may be of use to you: