CSC 350-010
The Semantic Web

Project Progress Report

Due  11/9/2001

The project progress report is intended as an opportunity for you to get feedback on your project while there is still time for you to improve it. In the progress report, you should describe what you have accomplished on your project to date, and describe what you still have left to do. The report should be between 2 and 10 pages long. I have provided some guidelines for what your progress report should contain. Since papers and programming projects are fundamentally different, different guidelines are given for each.

Guidelines for Papers

Ideally, your progress report would be a rough draft of your paper. However, I understand if papers are not that far along by the due date of the progress report. At a minimum, the progress report should contain a detailed outline of the paper and a list of references that you have read or are reading. A discussion of how your research is going, any problems you have encountered, or questions you have would also be appropriate.

Guidelines for Programming Projects

At a minimum, your progress report should describe what steps you have taken to prepare for you project, and describe any code or modules you have written. If you have learned a new language, say so; if you have downloaded and experimented with code from elsewhere, describe this process. Additionally, your progress report should include a design for your project. This design may be a set of informal diagrams, a formal UML model, or a list of classes and methods (with associated arguments).  The more detailed the design, the better. Also, if while working on the project, you have developed a clearer idea of its functionality, or decided that you need to modify your initial proposal, please describe these issues in the progress report.