CSC 350-010
The Semantic Web

Project Proposal

Due  10/12/2001


The majority of the grade for this class will be based on a semester-long project. Since students in the class are likely to have different skills and interests, I am allowing you to develop your own Semantic Web project (subject to my approval, of course). The project may either be a paper on some topic related to the Semantic Web or can be the development of software that demonstrates a capability of the Semantic Web. If you choose a programming project, you will be expected to demo it (either prior to the end of classes or during the exam period).

Your project proposal will serve as your project description. Therefore, it should describe what you intend to do in as much detail as possible. If the proposed project is a paper, then this proposal should describe the problem you are examining and why you think it is interesting. It should also suggest what kind of work you intend to do to solve the problem. If you choose a programming project, then the proposal should provide a detailed description of what your software will do and why this would be useful. Your proposal should be at least one full page in length, but no more than four pages. A hardcopy is due at the beginning of class on Friday, October 12th.

I realize that you may have some difficulty choosing a project, so I have included some suggestions below.
Please realize that you are not required to choose one of these projects! If you think you have a cool idea, then talk to me about it. If you are having trouble choosing a project, then you may also wish to look at the class reading list to see if the topic of an upcoming paper might inspire a project.  In all cases, it is strongly recommended that you discuss your project ideas with me prior to writing the project proposal.

Possible Projects

This list of projects is only meant as a starting point. Some of the projects described here may be more difficult than others, and some projects may be easier if you have a particular background or skill set. Each student is encouraged to develop a project that meets his or her interests and abilities.