Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
Xiaolei (Sharon) Huang
Associate Professor
Computer Science & Engineering Department
P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science
Lehigh University
19 Memorial Drive West
Bethlehem, PA 18015

218 Packard Lab
huang AT
(610) 758-4818 (Phone)
(610) 758-4096 (Fax)
Fall 2014 Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:00-4:00pm

Brief Bio:

Xiaolei Huang received her B.E. degree in Computer Science from Tsinghua University, China in 1999, and her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from Rutgers University in 2001 and 2006, respectively. Since 2006, she has been on the faculty in the Computer Science and Engineering department at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA. Her research interests are in the areas of biomedical image analysis, computer vision, and computer graphics, focusing on segmentation, registration/matching, and deformable (non-rigid) model based methods. Her broader interests include content-based image/graphics indexing and retrieval, skeletonization, recognition, tracking, physically-based modeling and simulation, machine learning, HCI, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence.

Current and Recent Courses:

Fall 2013:    Computer Graphics (CSE 313)
Spring 2013: Discrete Structures (CSE 261)
Spring 2011: Image Analysis and Graphics (CSE 319/419)
Fall 2009:     Biomedical Image Computing and Modeling (CSE 397/497)
Fall 2008:     User Interface Systems and Techniques (CSE 331)


I am a computer scientist who is curious about how cell, human body, brain, and eye, function. Hence I am always excited about developing robust image analysis methods and building working software systems that integrate algorithms with simple, efficient, application-specific designs to solve computational problems in biomedicine. In particular, I work toward robust medical imaging software that aid medical doctors in accurate and reproducible diagnosis, and to better understand the basic anatomical and physiological relationships in normal and diseased states. I develop image processing and analysis software for analyzing biological images to help biologists and biophysicists in understanding and modeling complex biological pathways and systems. I am also interested in creating intelligent vision systems that are capable of learning effectively and reasoning about multiple sources of information in order to achieve functions typical of human vision.  I direct the Image Data Emulation and Analysis (IDEA) Lab at Lehigh.

Full Publication List

Recent Publications:

T. Xu, D. Vavylonis, X. Huang, ``3D Actin Network Centerline Extraction with Multiple Active Contours,'' In Medical Image Analysis, 18(2):272-84, 2014.

M. Cheng, N. J. Mitra, X. Huang, S. M. Hu, ``SalientShape: Group Saliency in Image Collections,'' In Visual Computer, August 2013.

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M. Cheng, F. L. Zhang, N. J. Mitra, X. Huang, S. M. Hu, ``RepFinder: Finding Approximately Repeated Scene Elements for Image Editing,'' In ACM Trans. on Graphics, Vol. 29, No. 4, 2010. (Presented at SIGGRAPH 2010)

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J. Huang, X. Huang, D. Metaxas, ``Learning with Dynamic Group Sparsity,'' In Proc. of IEEE International Conf. on Computer Vision (ICCV), pp. 64-71, 2009.

Current Ph.D. Students:

Ting Xu
Sunhua Wan
Tao Xu
Wei Wang

Former Ph.D. students:

Edward Kim (Now Assistant Professor at Villanova University, Villanova, PA, USA)
Hongsheng Li (Now Associate Professor at the University of Electronic Science and Technology, Chengdu, China)
Yaoyao Zhu (Now at Checkpoint Systems, Boston, MA, USA)
Tian Shen (Now at Huahai Medical Info-tech Co., Xi'an, China)