CSE 398/498:011:

Image Analysis and Graphics




Spring 07

X. Sharon Huang

Computer Science and Engineering Department

Lehigh University


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You will be provided with several software library options. You will have time to evaluate all the alternative options, and decide which programming language, which software library, and which image/graphics application to work on by the end of the second week.  You are encouraged to work under the Windows environment but you may also choose to work under Unix or Linux.  Completed assignments will be submitted through the Blackboard site, generally by submitting to the appropriate assignment item. A detailed Readme file is expected so that your program can be evaluated using one of the WindowsXP workstations in 502 Packard Lab, or on one of the Unix workstations in the Sun lab (122 Packard Lab).  The program source code will be read.  Source code documentation and organization should make your program easy to read, and convey your understanding of the techniques your program demonstrates.



No Required Text

Reference Books

Computer Vision
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Prentice Hall, 2001


Introductory Techniques for 3-D Computer Vision

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Physics-Based Deformable Models: Applications to Computer Vision, Graphics and Medical Imaging

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Online version

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Physically-Based Modeling for Computer Graphics: A Structured Approach

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Related research articles will be posted online, on Blackboard, or given as handouts in class.

Suggested Software Libraries:

      Biomedical Image Analysis

o      NIH Image J




o      NLM Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit




o      Matlab from Mathworks,




      Image Processing, Computer Vision

o      Intel OpenCV library


o      Others



    Computer Graphics

o      Computer Graphics related software packages available on the net


o      A C++ library implementing a Physical modeling framework described in the book “Physically-Based Modeling for Computer Graphics: A Structured Approach” by Ronen Barzel



Other Resources